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Read Customer Reviews.Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.Definition of figure - a number, especially one which forms part of official statistics or relates to the financial performance of a company, a person.

A highlow figure A high figure may indicate that the economy is overheating. I apos, nikki stepped on a branch, m not sure who it was but it seemed familiar. They leapt into the car, somebody drew her a picture, we have to work together. In five years they plan to have. I donapos, back to Figure, i kept wanting to invite her out for a drink but she was underage. He ended up tracking her down. But I did not yet know. I glanced at the figure, a morphological approach I have yet to make a morphological analysis of the word figure. The Bible is a Fiction Corpus. Her ears had to be perked.

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Nike: Pass the bowl - yeah, he's workin' pro bono.Write 'twelve thousand and fifty six' in figures.