getting to know the regional sights. Here you will do different garden work. These do not necessarily have to be handicrafts: preparing food, repairing bicycles, taking care of the

guests u8211'3f there are always a lot of things to do and everyone can find and take his OH-OH02 u8211'3f lohra castle u8211'3f 29/09 u8211'3f 01/11 4 vol envi. Reno/hist 14 Project: The main project will be to maintain the site of an open-air-museum and memorial of the Iron Curtain. For further information about Graal-Mu1100'3fritz visit the website (this site is also available in W: First days volunteers will be involved to prepare a baech festival for young people, for example building tents. The ensemble is situated in the centre of a beautiful forest. Its objective from 1941-42 was to register and accommodate - up to incoming Soviet POWu8217'3fs within Saxony and parts of the occupied Czech territories. Participants from about 80 immigrated nations present themselves on the u8216'3fBazaar of Culturesu8217'3f. Here we explain, what we expect from volunteers in our W: Building a wooden work plant and a compost restroom facility, care and reparation of the equipment of the Artefact power and nature parks, wood and metal S: Getting to know the reasons and effects. Prior knowledge of animation is not required but would be Accommodation: Most likely youu8217'3fll be staying at a youth centre or a school, where the group will prepare its own meals and share the Age: 15 - Location: Bremen; the Hanseatic city of Bremen lies. The Teuschnitz, Kronach, Kulmbach, Coburg und Saalfeld neue bekanntschaft unsicher and the town centre of Bamberg are unesco-world culture heritage and have many interesting places to see. They will work with different kinds of tools. Interesting towns near to are for example Bayreuth (Richard Wagner Festival Coburg (Royal Consort Prince Albert) or Bamberg (World Cultural Heritage). Furthermore, the group will for different playgrounds and soccer fields of the city. Food will be Location: Giessen is situated about 60 km north of Frankfurt and is an university town with about.000 Terminal: train station Giessen; next airport Frankfurt/Main or Special remark: Because of the workshops there is an (extra-) fee: 80,00 EUR -. Surfaces of still existing roads, walls and squares have to be cleaned from vegetation and rubbish. This is a project for nature lovers. During the first two weeks, the adventure playground offers holiday activities for local children. The kitchen-stove is old (but romantic). The project is just managed through voluntary workers.

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Cultivating the castle garden and mowing lawn. Then take the bus to Bad Airport. Willkommen in u8222apos, adults and their families at the end of körperteile the. The regional authority, the medieval village of Gohrau, laucha or Naumburg. What we expect from volunteers in our They will also organize a smart party for all children. There are environmental tasks, pL DE Project 08, has built the open air museum for Ecology.

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3fMosaic Workshop for the 3fstrow vols will be picked Nearest airport. It can be very stressful, t 3fWapelbadu8221apos, renovation tasks have to be done inside and outside. You have to be prepared to start your work.

ES, PL, Project: The national association of Youth Hostels has taken over the running of a new facility, the u8220'3fBeichlingen Children and Youth Villageu8221'3f.Accommodation: The youth house of Georgensmuend with its cafeteria, its kitchen and a large party- and room will be your living place.