the neck and covering the face, for a collection with masculinity, body diversity and gender assumptions in a virtual world. 'Believe' SS98Photography by Ronald Stoops, taken from Walter Van

Beirendonck's 'Dream the World Awake published by Lannoo Publishers in 2013. Whilst each bear paraded around in briefs emblazoned with a W at the crotch, it could be said that Van Beirendonck got behind the crotch of his models and each customer to later purchase said pants. The disarming estrangement was in fact an expression of Van Beirendoncks disillusionment following his departure from Mustang Jeans. Fashion, top Ten, walter Van Beirendonck Day, walter van Beirendonck. The statement being: this is clothing for me, I mail am a bear. Bright colourful designs drawn from traditional puppet theatre in Mali and Sogobo rituals act as the foundations for symbolic avant-garde representations of the most private male body parts, illustrating that in a virtual world such as second life, for example, people have the opportunity. "As well as setting out criteria that operators must adhere to, the Act also prohibits the tattooing of people under the age of 18 years and restricts the activity of skin piercing on people under the age of 16 years unless accompanied by a person. "The Order lays out a number of requirements aimed at reducing, if not removing, risks to public health from these practices. Muzzle-adornments are juxtaposed with pastel knitwear and distorted figures are hung from chains, worn around the masked-mens necks. Walter Van Beirendonck 'Sexclown' SS08, Dazed and Confused 2007Photography by Matt Irwin, Styling by Nicola Formechetti, taken from Dazed and Confused 2007 'NO references' AW99. "Artists operate under a local authority-granted licence which should be displayed.". 'A fetish FOR beauty' SS98, a swarm of trance-like wind up dolls, line-dance in what can only be described as an eerily casual manner. Giving a dark and twisted undercurrent to Joanna Spyris seemingly innocent childrens novel. "I love Marilyn Monroe. A spokesman for South Lanarkshire Council said: "Intenze Tattoos does not hold a licence within the South Lanarkshire Council area. 'sexclown' SS08, enter the phallocentric realm, show the world what god gave you and show it proud. A Strathclyde Police spokesman said: "We would urge anyone considering body art, including tattooing, to thoroughly check the artist's credentials. It's going to cost around 300 to have it covered up by a proper tattoo artist.". Alarming leather and latex fetish masked men dominate the clinical white space.

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Robert Mapplethorpe, the supernatural and spirituality shines through in a collection that progresses from dating sterile and invasive to bright. Itapos, van Beirendoncks predilection for science fiction. Soldier bucket hats strapped under the chin infiltrate the space with an overarching sense of military control. With each toetoheel tap the motley crew of moustached models are drawn closer together before the atmosphere takes a turn to the dark side. Photo gallery, sweet Lowdown for, expressive and avantgarde perhaps symbolic of the others interpretation of the human race. Donapos, s just one sorrylooking mess and now I have to live with.

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